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Hygienic Resin Systems

When hygiene is important you must ensure that the resin system selected can provide a functional and durable surface capable of meeting the rigorous cleaning requirements expected today.

We offer a comprehensive range of hygienic resin systems for floor applications, for use in environments that demand safe, durable and easy to clean finishes.

Our solvent free and water based Epoxy resin systems can offer a cost effective and robust solution. It can be combined with various aggregates to impart any level of slip resistance required.
Epoxy systems typically offer a 3mm system, with excellent cleaning characteristics. Coloured flakes can be combined with this system to provide a more decorative floor, with increased slip resistance. Chemical resistant systems are also available for use in environments subject to acid, alkali and general chemical attack.

Our MMA resin systems offer a diverse range of solutions, all with a rapid return to service, coupled with excellent cleanability and durability. From smooth systems, to broadcast or trowel quartz systems, or systems incorporating the coloured flake, a hygienic floor with the desired slip and chemical resistance can be achieved and allowed back into service normally within 2 hours of completion even at sub-zero temperatures.