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Concrete Repairs (including bridges and multi-story car parks), Concrete Spraying, Concreting, Foundation works, Demolition, Kerbing, Block Paving and all Civil Engineering.

Serving customers in Wakefield, Leeds, Pontefract, Castleford and surrounding towns in West Yorkshire.

Diagram of crack in concreteConcrete crack injection

Treatment of cracks in Concrete

Cracks with widths from 3mm down to approximately 0.2mm can be sealed using our resin injection systems.

Major cracks in concrete, stone and masonry of up to 10mm can be treated with grout systems

Not every crack threatens the structural safety of a building. In fact, in many instances, cracks are merely cosmetic in nature. These cracks are typically seen in flat work such as walkways and kerbs.

Typical causes of cracks are: -